Last night on CVM news, one of the major television  news stations in Jamaica, it was reported that health minister, Dr. Fenton Ferguson is comfortable with Jamaica’s preparedness for the Ebola virus should it get there.

I had to laugh at this because i remember an incident that occurred not too long ago involving a Nigerian man who went to the Spanish Town hospital because he was feeling sick.  According to the Jamaica Observer there was pandemonium among the medical staff.  As soon as he said he had visited his homeland it is reported that the nurse ran off and alerted the rest of the hospital.  In the end it was discovered that he just had food poisoning. It is this same hospital that is said to have its patients wait hours before receiving care.

So in light of THAT you can see why i have to express some skepticism regarding whether we are ready or not for Ebola.

Some questions i had to ask myself were:

1. Are ALL hospitals fully equipped to handle cases of Ebola in the future?

2. Will the doctors and medical care workers be willing to risk their own safety to treat patients that may have the deadly virus?

3. Are our health professionals even knowledgeable able the necessary procedures to be taken to treat Ebola patients?

I’ve got to say,  I couldn’t answer those three questions confidently.

To see the online article about the story of the Nigerian man and the Ebola scare go here: