Did you do a double take when you read that headline? I did.  It’s really another case of what happens when you spread hysteria and hype.

I read a story today on the BuzzFeedNews website that was about two Senegalese-American brothers in the Bronx, one is in the sixth grade and the other is in the eighth.  Apparently, due to fears over the Ebola virus the two boys were bullied, called “Ebola”and beaten up by a group of students at school.

Now let’s just step back and think for a while.  The boys are Senegalese. That country is in East Africa.  Not even West Africa.

Now did you know that Africa has over 50 countries?  The worst affected areas (for the virus) being Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.  Those as I’m sure we can count are only THREE countries.  That leaves only 47.

What’s my point?

Do not panic.  Think and be informed before you go nuts and beat up someone for being a particular nationality.  Yeah, I’m talking about you, you mean Kids!

Anyway, guess the blame can’t fall on them with all the media coverage and their worried parents’ comments regarding the virus.  The countries are being treated like some leprous limbs that get scorned because they’re not as healthy as the rest of the body.

Instead of scorning them and forgetting their humanity and our own too, let us give them a hand (see what I did there?) and inform our people about the disease.  You know what, inform the people first and then give a hand.

You can read the original story here: