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American presidential candidate Donald Trump is under heat yet again but what else is new?

Last Friday, a video-tape surfaced of Trump discussing how he’d made sexual advances towards women without their consent.

Some of the women he mentioned were married or former Miss Universe contestants.

Since, there has been outrage and criticism of Trump’s comments in the tape from the public.

Trump says he’s sorry for the remarks he made 11 years ago.

But is he?

What Donald Trump has said – essentially

Trump was asked about his remarks in the tape at the final American presidential debate on Sunday by one of the moderators.

He responded by saying that his remarks were just “locker-room talk” and seemed almost dismissive of the issue of sexual assault.

Since the video tape, Trump’s chosen defense has been to divert attention away from himself to Former U.S president, Bill Clinton.

A simple definition of a ‘diversion’ is something that takes attention away from what is happening, says Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary.

And I think that is exactly what Trump did here.

He even went as far as to call Bill Clinton the most abusive president in American history.

In doing this, Trump’s message could be interpreted to mean, “But look! Bill was so much worse. I am not really that bad.”

But Trump misses the point of the discussion.

People are upset about his comments because of his blatant lack of respect for the women he associated with, at the time.

This could seriously affect the support Trump needs from the female base who make up a significant percentage of independent voters.

Also, with major party support quickly jumping ship, I don’t know how Trump will make it into the White House.

But we’ll have to see what voters decide come November 8, this year. I mean, Americans have been surprised before.

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