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Today, I’ve decided not to comment on the U.S presidential elections.  Hasn’t it been done to death?  Instead, I’ve found a very  strange story but it might not be that different from the elections, after all.  They seem harmless but they have deadly consequences.

As the Washington Post reports, a Japanese woman was seriously burned when her lower body was set on fire during a surgery at the Tokyo Medical University hospital.

The unnamed woman passed gas during surgery while doctors focused a laser on her cervix.  The laser then ignited the gas setting the surgical drape ablaze and spreading fire all the way down to her legs.

The Post says her condition is unknown.

The hospital says the equipment was not responsible for the freak accident.

Who knew passing gas could be so dangerous? I mean, aside from the typical embarrassment and smell following this normal human action.

According to the article, ninety-nine percent of the gas we pass contains carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and methane.  The bad smell you get from gas comes from the one percent made up of intestinal bacteria.

It’s the hydrogen and methane that also makes the gas flammable. The gas is mostly innocent.  But, this lady wasn’t so lucky.

News website, Inverse theories that maybe the fire might have been caused by a high level of methane in the gas she passed.

But who knows? Still, its certain this is one accident she’ll never forget.

You know what else we may never forget? This year’s U.S elections.  None of the candidates are particularly popular and the campaigns have gotten very nasty.

But at least it is memorable.  And like the story I spoke about, no one saw it coming but when it did, it burned.

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