Many of us will have to face a sad existence after Tuesday.  It’ll be the season finale of the popular TV show, the ‘U.S presidential elections’.  This season was filled with so many plot twists.  We were shocked, silenced and entertained throughout the season.

Remember when some of us were shocked because of the male casting? Who would have thought that Donald Trump would get the lead role? Not me.  Trump wasn’t like any character I’d seen before.  His comments on Mexicans and Muslims made him famous.

All the ‘fun’ ends today though.  No doubt that persons young and old, female and male, rich and poor will be tuning in for the season finale.

Ironically, Jamaica’s local government elections will be premiering this month but few seem interested at all.

In his letter to the editor in this Sunday’s Gleaner, Daniel Thwaites points out that local government representatives are responsible for the local affairs like “drain cleaning, road repair, garbage collection” and other day-to-day concerns of their communities.

While, MP’s are supposed to be focused on reviewing and passing the laws in parliament and concentrating on national business.

But I think we can all agree that this is not the reality.  The MP’s responsibility has merged into the councilors’, as Daniel Thwaites comments.  Thwaites says the local functions have been “swallowed up” by national institutions like the National Works Agency, National Solid Waste Management Agency and the Labour Ministry.

So when all is said and done, what does the councilor really do? I don’t know but if the disinterest of my family members and peers are anything to go by, the producers and writers for this year’s local government elections should not expect high viewer ratings.

But you can bet that this season’s “U.S presidential elections” TV show will end with a bang.

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