Against all the odds; despite all the opposition Donald Trump won the the U.S presidential elections to become the 45th president of America.

This is the news I woke up to on November 9, a day after the elections.  I cried.  Me, a Jamaican citizen cried over another country’s election results.  Many across the world were stunned too, much like the reactions after Brexit months ago.  But this was much worse (as Trump predicted himself – “like Brexit times 5”).

Today, persons (including me) are still reeling from the shock.  Me: because I invested maybe a little too much time and interest following the campaigns. Them: because a man like Trump was elected as the head of their country.  If Trump can win, anyone can win.  So, whose next? Kanye West?!

Since, there have been protests all over the U.S in California, Oregon and Chicago. This is a constitutional right in the States but some of the arguments are ridiculous and show the ignorance of some of the voting populace.

For example, one man went as far as to call for Hillary Clinton to sue the United States.  He argued that Clinton is a lawyer and she should have won the presidency because she won the popular vote.  Sorry, but that’s not how it works.  Each state has a number of electoral college  votes allocated to them.  The candidate who gets the larger number of votes wins these electoral votes.  Trump won more votes than Clinton.

However, there is something called the popular vote.  This is won by the candidate who has the most votes when each vote is tallied.  According, to CNN Clinton won this vote and has between 500,000 votes to a million more than Trump but she won too few electoral votes.  This is one of the strange facts about the U.S election system.

I think the outrage and shock will eventually have to die down.  A democracy is not a democracy because everyone agrees with something.  It is a democracy because everyone can contribute to an outcome. So, as crazy and depressing as it seems Trump is on his way to becoming president whether we like it or not.  Its just four years  How much damage can be done in four years?